20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Under $20

From your nearest and dearest to your office secret Santa – find something in this list of "20 Christmas gift ideas under $20".

From your nearest and dearest to your office secret Santa – find something in this list of “20 Christmas gift ideas under $20”.

From all the team here at Gedda, we’d like to wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe holiday season.

1. A Playlist

Want a gift for your music-loving mate but your budget is looking a bit slim? Curating a personalised playlist is the modern equivalent of making a mixed tape. it’s meaningful and most importantly – free!

2. Money Bank

Teach your kids the value of good saving habits with the very own Piggy Bank! If your budget is $20 and you get the piggy bank for less than that, throw in the change to get them started.

3. Colourful socks

We all know someone that loves to spice up their outfit with a pair of colourful socks. Get them a gift you know they’ll love (and use), with some fun and funky socks.

4. Facemask (the relaxing kind)

Give the gift of relaxation and glowing skin with a hydration facemask. This is perfect for the person who loves skincare or needs a little “me time”. Throw in a candle or a bath bomb for the ultimate self-care package.

5. Keep Cup

Have a friend or family member that’s no longer working from home? Upgrade their morning coffee with a stylish new keep cup. Every time they duck out for their flat white they’ll be thinking of you!

6. Chess Board

Keep the family busy this school holidays with a new chess set. It’s the perfect way to spend quality time together, while also working on your strategy skills.

7. A Quirky Mug

Got someone at your work Secret Santa, whom you don’t know? Get them a mug! It’s a great go-to gift for someone that you don’t know that well. If you do know the person and their interests you can almost always find a mug to match their interests.

8. A Cookbook

Know someone obsessed with their air fryer? Get them a whole new set of things to try with an air fryer cookbook. If they’re not an air fryer user, any cookbook will do!

9. A Vase

A vase is a perfectly practical and delightfully decorative gift. You can keep it neutral or use it to add a splash of colour to any space. If you have some money left over, visit your local supermarket to pick up some budget blooms.

10. A Box of Chocolates

It’s a classic for a reason. A box of chocolates is a Christmas gift that always goes down a treat! Before you purchase, try to see if they have a favourite brand and make sure they don’t have any dietary restrictions.

11. Pair of Sunnies

Did you forget you had to get a present? Swing past a service station and pick up a pair of sunnies. After all, sun safety is essential. Especially in Australia. Gifting someone a fresh pair of sunnies will keep them stylish and safe this summer.

12. Beach Bag

Make beach trips a breeze with a new beach bag. If your giftee is someone who loves to enjoy the sand and surf, make their life easier with a big bag to carry their belongings.

13. Reed Diffuser

Want to give some space a sweet new scent without the fire hazard of a candle? A reed diffuser is a perfect solution and a great last-minute Christmas gift. Best of all, you can chose the scent that you like, so when you visit, their place is to your nasal likings.

14. Watering Can

For the green thumb in your life, a cute watering can is a fantastic and functional gift idea. It makes tending to their plants much easier and mess-free.

15. A Hat/Cap

Whether they’re into a specific tv show or they’re a die-hard fan of a sports team, you can find a cap that they’ll love. This universally useful gift can be personalised to their unique passions and interests.

16. A Bottle of Their Favourite Drink

If you know that someone likes a particular drink, why not gift them a bottle of their favourite thirst quencher. Or you could introduce them to a new taste sensation (based on your taste).

17. A Water Bottle

The gift of hydration! Aussie summers are particularly hot and humid so it’s important to drink plenty of water. If you have a friend or family member who struggles to reach their daily water quota, a water bottle may be a thoughtful gift this Christmas.

18. A Notebook

A new year means it’s time for a new notebook. Whether it’s for work, keeping track of your day, or journaling your thoughts, a notebook has unlimited uses. Plus, you can choose a design that suits them. If they love a vintage classic style, a notebook may be perfect for them.

19. Personalised BBQ Tool

Know someone obsessed with their barbeque? Why not get something to reinforce that passion, like a personalised BBQ tool. You can write your own message to make it a BBQ tool they’ll treasure forever. Plus, when you visit for a BBQ, you’ll find they may not let you touch the BBQ tools now that they are personalised, allowing you to relax and enjoy the day.

20. Indoor Plant

Whether they’re new to the plant game or they’re practically a pro, a new plant can be a pretty sweet gift idea, especially an indoor one. When choosing the right plant, make sure you consider whether their home has a lot of light and how knowledgeable they are about caring for plants. If they’re still a beginner, you can write up a plant care guide to help them get the hang of it. Everyone loves a well oxygenated room.

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