8 Tips to Save Money on Petrol

Over $2.00 for petrol? No thanks! If you’ve filled up your tank recently you may have noticed the eye-watering petrol prices. Since the price doesn’t seem to be going down any time soon, we’ve put together a guide on how to save money on petrol.

While making small changes or saving 10c a litre may not seem like a big deal, many small actions can really add up to significant savings in the long run.

There are a plethora of apps available that help you track down the cheapest petrol near you.

1. Know how much you’re spending

If you’re not already tracking your spending, now is the time to dive into the world of budgeting. If you know how much you’re currently paying for petrol, it will allow you to track how much you save by putting the tips below into action.

2. Change your driving style

Not driving is the best way to save money on petrol. However, when you do need to drive, there are some things you can do to keep the costs low. This includes making the car as light as possible by taking out any unnecessary items. If you are driving less than 80km/hour, roll the windows down instead of using air conditioning. If you are driving over 80km/hour, roll the windows up and turn on the air-con to reduce the aerodynamic drag. Another tactic is to avoid overaccelerating or constantly pumping the breaks.

3. Get on the apps

There are a plethora of apps available that help you track down the cheapest petrol near you. Popular options include MotorMouth, Petrol Spy, Fuel Map Australia, and Vroom Fuel Price Compare. Another great option is the 7-Eleven app which has a Fuel Price Lock feature. This feature shows you the five closest 7-Eleven locations and allows you to lock in the best price for up to seven days.

4. Carpool

Whether it’s commuting to work or school drop-off, car-pooling is a great solution for those who live close and are routinely travelling to the same places. If you split the cost of your regular trips or alternate days that you drive, this can save you some serious cash. Reach out to your friends, colleagues, or local community and see if anyone is interested in teaming up for a regular carpool.

5. Be Strategic

While a 10-minute trip to the shops may seem insignificant, doing it every day starts to add up. If you’re grabbing a few things from the grocery store one day, picking something up from the pharmacy the next, and then dropping something off at the post office, you’d be surprised how much petrol you’re wasting. A 20-minute round trip, every day, means your spending over 2 hours driving every week just to complete errands. Planning ahead could allow you to condense 7 trips down to one or two per week. Reducing the amount of small, regular trips you take could result in big savings at the bowser.

6. Bike or walk where possible

When you need to pop down the road to grab a coffee or run some errands you probably find yourself reaching for your car keys. However, it’s worth checking to see how far you actually have to go and considering biking or walking there instead. Not only will this reduce your petrol expenses, as an added bonus, it’s great for your health!

7. Don’t wait for an empty tank

We’ve all done it. Avoiding filling up your tank until that little red light turns on and you’re forced to pay exorbitant prices at the closest petrol station. To avoid being at the mercy of the petrol gods, don’t leave filling up your tank until the last minute. Always be on the lookout for cheap (or at least reasonable) petrol prices, and when you see them, top up your tank. Instead of waiting until you need petrol and accepting whatever price you can get, be proactive and take advantage of good prices when you see them.

8. Save money on petrol with a fuel-efficient vehicle

If you’re on the hunt for a new ride, it pays to look for a fuel-efficient vehicle that gives you more bang for your buck. While researching potential cars to buy, pay special attention to fuel efficiency. Spending a little more money purchasing a better model could allow you to save money on petrol over time. Once you find your dream car, if you need some help paying for it, check out a Gedda Money vehicle loan.

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