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Work with a lender that wants to help your clients with poor credit history instead of ignoring them.

Gedda brokers are treated with the respect they deserve

When you become an accredited Gedda Broker, you have access to a specialist lender who operates transparently and who is open to conversations regarding your clients’ specific loan requirements.

Plus, every loan application is reviewed by a human, as we see that humans are better in understanding the reasons why your clients’ financial position is the way it is.

  • Character and Banking Conduct assessment
  • SLAs are 24hrs
  • Easy-to-use settlement process

We do not cap lends based on credit scores

We offer secured car loans starting from $2,000

Credit enquiries are only completed prior
to approval, not at the start of the application

We do not charge risk or equalisation fees like other lenders

Benefits of partnering with Gedda

When you become an accredited broker for Gedda, you become one of our partners. We provide you with training on our platform, which can expedite applications to an SLA of 24hrs – a great turnaround for your clients.

Ged accredited

No risk fees on any products

Simple online application process

Default & MACC/SACC (payday) loans accepted

Discharged Bankruptcy >1 day – accepted for vehicle loans

What are some key benefits for your clients?

We’re a friendly bunch, and empathy runs deep in our DNA. We care and are genuinely passionate about making things add up for you and your clients – financially and personally.

Ged accredited

How to become a Broker with Gedda Money?

Get in touch

Click on the below link to download the documentation. Carefully read through the documents including the T&Cs.

Sign the agreement

After you’ve read through the documentation, you will need to physically sign the document and email it back to us.  If received before 3pm, we will process it that same business day.

Receive a referrer link

Once your application has been processed by our team, we will send you a link for you to use. This link will allow you to input your clients’ application and track it’s status.

Who qualifies for a loan at Gedda?

Eligible borrower

  • Individual and joint applicants (maximum of 2 borrowers)
  • 18 years or older
  • Australian citizens or permanent residents or visa holders
  • Holds a current and valid Australian Driver License and Medicare Card
  • Currently employed with over 50% of their income from employment and non-government benefits (such as Newstart, Austudy/Abstudy or similar)
  • Resides in Australia with an acceptable, locatable, fixed, and verified address

Ineligible borrower

  • Guarantors
  • Full time students with no demonstrated or sustainable income outside of education allowances
  • Undischarged bankrupts or in a current debt agreement (Part 9 or 10)
  • Unemployed or applicants where majority of income is from Newstart, Austudy/Abstudy or similar

Frequently asked questions from brokers

Do you charge Risk or Equalisation Fees?

No. We don’t think it is reasonable to charge these fees. We prefer customers to use their money more wisely than pay a fee that doesn’t add much value to their loan.

Do you consider short-term employed applicants?

Yes we do. So long as they have been employed for 1-month full-time or 3-months casual.

Do you allow customers to consolidate additional debts into their loan.

Yes we do but only on our Auto Loans. We allow up to an additional $5,000 of debt. This may include defaults, payday loans (SACC/MACC), and/or negative equity.

Do you loan to people with a bankruptcy history?

Yes we do. However, the bankruptcy must be discharged for longer than 1 day.

Do you pay commissions?

Yes, we do. It’s best to talk directly with your Business Development Manager (BDM) about this.

Do you do Mini Moto Auto products?

Yes.  We think our rates and commissions on this product are one of the best in the market. Reach out to your respective Business Development Manager (BDM) for more information on these.

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