Gedda into that car!

You’ve found that car but the banks don’t loan to you because you have a poor credit score. Pft! to that. Gedda Money looks at your current financial position, not your past.

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It takes just 10-minutes

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vehicle loan

Between $2,000 – $50,000

Don’t want a car?

We also lend for 4WD, utes and motorbikes

Your loan is tailored to you

We ensure that repayments are affordable and match your situation

How it works

Start your application online

Complete our easy online loan application. There is no need for printing, signing, scanning, or faxing. We look at the big picture and consider bank statements, employment history and earning potential. Therefore, we can offer you a lending solution, even if your credit score may be low.

Chat with our specialist loan advisors

A dedicated loan advisor will call you to go through your monthly financial budget. After a short phone call, and a successful lending assessment, they will deliver an affordable loan for you. It will be personalised for your circumstances and full financial profile.

Receive a repayment plan tailored to you

Once you read through, understand and sign the loan documents, we will then disburse the money to the respective recipients. 

Now, you can enjoy your new wheels.

People 18 years or older

Permanent Australian Resident or citizen

Currently employed

Earn a gross annual salary of $30,000+

Our vehicle loans are suitable for

Are you after your next set of wheels? To make the process run more smoothly, check that you are eligible.

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Benefits of a vehicle loan with Gedda Money

We look beyond your credit score

We take the time to understand you and your circumstances. We understand that bad stuff can happen in people’s lives which affects their credit score, so we put more focus on your current financial position than what happened in the past.

No hidden fees

All fees are stated upfront.

Repay your loan sooner

Feel free to repay your loan earlier.

Things you need to know about a vehicle loan

Am I limited to a type of car under your loan?

No. You can choose a vehicle that suits your budget and loan amount. The type of car is your choice, not ours.

Can I purchase a motorbike?

Yes, you can purchase a motorbike. However, it must be registered with your respective state motoring department.

Can I purchase a camper-trailer with your vehicle loan?

You sure can. So long as your purchase fits within the parameters of your loan amount and it holds a current registration.

What happens if I don’t want to buy the car after the loan has been approved and funds disbursed?

Unfortunately, you have technically purchased the vehicle. You are responsible for the finance on it now. However, if within 20 business days, you can negotiate out of your contract with the seller and have the full amount of funds returned to us, we may close the loan off. 

It’s best to talk with us as soon as possible when something like this happens.

Are you able to organise insurance for me?

No, not at Gedda. We recommend you use an independent source for your insurance. It’s not our specialty – sorry.


  • 18 years or older
  • Australian citizens or permanent residents or Visa holders
  • Holds a current and valid Australian Driver License and Medicare Card
  • Currently employed with over 50% of their income from employment and non-government benefits (such as Newstart, Austudy/Abstudy or similar)
  • Resides in Australia with an acceptable, locatable, fixed and verified address

All applications

  • 3 months of personal bank statements (sourced during application through an online third-party provider)
  • Driver license or passport

PAYG applicants

  • Most recent 3 payslips (computerised) showing:
  • Gross and net year-to-date income
  • Applicant name and employer name

Ged started on
your application

It takes no more than 10 minutes. One of our team will then review and contact you to discuss your options.

Have a question?

Need more information? Ask us anything – we’re happy to help. We’re open from Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and will get back to you as soon as we can.